Hello world.

I’m quite new to the game of blackjack itself, not to mention card counting and other means of advantage play, but for now I’m near to a state of maniacal possession by the very idea of trying to squeeze as much as I can from it.

At the moment I’ve read Wongs’ “Professional Blackjack”, got inspired and wrote a program to automatically track around 30 online live dealer tables using the Halves strategy. As my computer is not so cognitively constrained opposed to regular human beings, instead of further using of comparatively simple strategy I am planning to implement an actual calculation of expected return, chance of win, optimal bet size etc. before each hand based on cards remaining in shoe.

So I inquire you fellow counters, would you guide me to what I should consider getting acquainted to before doing this? Any advice or recommendations on math behind blackjack probabilities, advantage play, bankroll management or whatever best practices?

Also, discussion on online live casinos and their specific vulnerabilities can be started from here I believe.

Thank you for your replies in advance.