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Thread: Looking for Professional BJ Players in SoCal Area

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    Lightbulb Looking for Professional BJ Players in SoCal Area

    Hello everyone my player name is Darien and I am new on the Blackjack: The Forum! I recently got really into card counting around February and have been trying to improve my game everyday. I feel like I got most of the aspects down such as deviations, basic strategy, card counting, bet spreads (using CVCX), and basic bankroll management, but I struggle to get any sort of return whenever I go to a casino. I thought it would be a cool idea to reach out on this forum to get my play evaluated by a professional who is in the SoCal area (Pechanga, Morongo, San Manuel, Pala) so I can fix my mistakes and improve my game. I even heard teaming up can be a good idea to collect more returns. If you would be interested in evaluating my play and teaching me professional moves, I would love to team up and learn how to become a better AP.

    Hope to be in contact soon!
    - Darien

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    I would say just keep practicing and play against the software until it's second nature , Making sure you are properly funded . i doubt any pro would reach out to team up with anyone. You really don't need anyone for most situation. what you need is good game(decent/good cut ,not crowded, tolerant ,rules come last) , solid skill, properly bankrolled. low expenses relative to EV. AP Blackjack is a dying trade.

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    Ask yourself if you are getting the spread you need for the game you’re playing. Are you being selective about the pen? Also, are you planning your playing time so there aren’t crowded tables? Are you keeping detailed logs? Are you play-all or Wonging in? Have you checked your stats (are you at EV +/- 1 SD) , though you need a decent amount of rounds to check this.

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