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    Question Counting method

    My question is what side count best compliments the Hi-Lo system, and why. I won't be able to play for years potentially, I can learn any style of counting/side counting and the deviations that come with it, with a fresh brain.

    I'm looking for added advantage and unconventional decision making based on a variation of counting. Something that makes it look like I'm playing basic strategy wrong when I deviate based on an unconventional analysis beyond just Hi-Lo, if that's possible. My plan so far is Hi-Lo, while counting Aces. Any tips on how to learn the deviations based on what this information gives?
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    "I won't be able to play for years potentially"

    Who wants to corrupt this 17 or 18 year old?

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    I can legally play but I don't know how yet and won't have a substantive bankroll for some time. So I just plan on learning some fat theory while I stack up cheddar.

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    As for playing deviation, you should master the "Illustrious 18" and "Fab 4" playing deviations published by Don Schlesinger in his excellent book titled Blackjack Attack. They give you the most gain when deviating from basic strategy.

    There is a good thread on this forum for incorporating side counts:

    But in the end it is your bet spread more than your playing style, other than splitting tens, that will bring attention and identify you as an AP.

    Good Luck

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    do you know if counting aces (or sevens) is only useful for insurance purposes, or is there other playing deviations if you know the ace count (and seven count).

    I could try to count both Aces and Sevens, and use Hi Lo, but I just wouldn't know where to figure out the deviations according to this info.
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