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Thread: my basketball life

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    my basketball life


    first, this is not a post to brag. I was certainly not a great basketball player. there were so many players better than me. I did very well in h.s. - 18 p.p.g my junior year and I played for a small college which was Division 1 and slipped to Division 2 after my sophomore year

    I only played 2 years for this college. I was leading scorer on the freshman team. - back then freshmen were not allowed to play on the varsity. my sophomore year I was first man off the bench and averaged 8 per game

    I disliked my Coach and the program and transferred after my sophomore year and never played organized basketball again

    growing up I loved basketball and practiced many, many hours. I'm only 5'9". I knew I had to get up in the air and I worked hard on my jumping ability
    I got close to being able to dunk - I could go about 6 inches over the rim which back then anyway, was impressive for a player that size
    between my junior and senior year in h.s. I had planned to work on my jumping very hard and was hoping to dunk in games which I thought would impress scouts and get me recruited by a major college
    but that summer was the year they banned the dunk because of Lew Alcindor (Jabbar) and my plans were ruined - and I didn't work any more on my jumping - and I only got recruited by small colleges - no major colleges

    my best memories of basketball are not about organized basketball but are about playground basketball in and around Washington DC

    DC has a great basketball history - some fantastic players have come out of the area

    I'm very proud to say that on the playgrounds, I got to play on the same court with Elgin Baylor and Austin Carr

    it was the summer and Baylor was fat and wasn't playing hard - he was just goofing off - but Austin Carr was playing hard

    Austin Carr was by far the best high school basketball player I ever saw. it was just incredible to see a kid who was only 16 who had complete command of the game - he really was like a teenage Oscar Robertson

    at Notre Dame, Austin Carr set a record which may never be broken - 61 points in an NCAA Tournament game___________just unbelievable - what a joy he was to watch

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