What is the fastest way to farm Casino comps?

Currently I only play BJ in casinos b/c it is the only way I can win a bit.

I saw many people have diamond membership in Caeser and one time I met a seven star guy. He described some of the privileges of seven star membership really enticing to me!

For my level of comps: I got some $10 free bet twice a week and free buffet once a month. If I do not go there on that particular day, then free bet get expired. Free buffet also has an expiration date.

Also I have some free stays in Las Vegas Casino hotel as well as low rated stays in local Casino hotel. Mostly useless since I drive to local Casinos to play most of the time.

Take Caesar as an example:

My current Tier status is platinum for Caesar. It's just a tiny tiny bit better than gold. I want Diamond (15,000 Tier points), or eventually 7 star.

10$ min bet table only gives like 20-30 Tier points per hour of play. Way too slow ! No way to get to 7-star. It requires

Do you guys have any idea on how to get to highest membership status like 7 star for Caesar faster and easier?