I was told that you have a good software that can sim SPANISH 21 game.

Could you please help to sim this SPANISH 21 game ?

I have just simulated a spanish 21 game recently with my own program.

RULES : CSM-6D(spanish deck)-H17-D9-DAS-RS3-RSA2-BJAUTOWIN-21AUTOWIN-DDR-OBBO-Late Surrender-MULTICARD 21 or 678 or 777-AUTOWIN BONUS-1.5-2.0-3.0, No Multicard Double Down, No Redoubling.

1) DDR - Means DOUBLE DOWN RESCUE, after double down, if player thinks it is not a good hand, player can surrender and net loss 1 units.

2) Multicard21 ---- 5 cards 21, 6 cards 21 and 7(or more)cards 21, will get autowin 1.5 units, 2 units and 3 units respectively.

3) Non suited 678 or 777, suited 678 or 777(other than SPADE) and SPADE 678 or 777, will be autowin 1.5 units, 2 units and 3 units respectively.

4) 2 cards 21(split Ace and hit T, not PONTOON but 21 points), 3 cards 21 and 4 cards 21 will be autowin 1 units.

5) OBBO rules - No hole card, when dealer have PONTOON, player will lose original bet(1 unit) of each un-busted hands(inclusive of split hands) + lose all busted hands.

*Autowin - Player will get paid immediately(before dealer reveal her hole card) regardless of dealer's final total.

The simulated house edge = -0.54%, but I am not 100% sure about the results.