I need clarification about what rules the indices are being generated for.

On the "Rules: page I specified "Double down after split" and did not select "Dealer hits soft 17". My expectation is that I get indices for S17 DAS.

However, on the "Indexes" page, there is a check box for "Add DAS", which confused me because I already selected DAS on the rules page. I selected it, because I want DAS. There is also a check box for "S17 and H17" which I found equally confusing for the same reason. I did not select it because I already selected S17 on the rules page and I didn't want to spend extra time generating indices for H17.

The result is that two tables for splitting were generated, one for DAS and one for NODAS. Time was wasted because I really only wanted DAS.

Now I'm not sure what I got with respect to S17 and H17. Did it generate S17, H17 or some compromise?

Thanks for any clarification.