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Thread: Relating to CDZ for 1 allowed split

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    Relating to CDZ for 1 allowed split

    After the recent posts about trying to relate to a CDZ strategy I remembered that I had a program whose sole purpose is to output optimal SPL1 EVs. I found it had an error because instead of adding/removing a parameter called upCard I was adding/removing a parameter called rank in one portion of the program. It has been downloadable from my website for about nine years and I updated the downloads. I hope there are no more errors.

    As far as precisely enumerating a CDZ strategy that covers SPL1 I guess that it might only help in identifying where the post split strategy differences from CDZ- might be. Although compiling some sort of strategy list might be doable, it's something I wouldn't care to do.

    What the program endeavors to do is to compute each of the 2 pair hands. SPL1 can be computed by computing hand 1 and multiplying by 2. This only requires using unbusted hands. If hand 2 is computed taking into consideration the cards removed from hand 1, the busted hand 1 hands need to be considered also. This is more optimal. The need to use busted hands could be applied to even more allowed splits with a growing amount of complexity.

    Sample output for 9-9 vs ace, single deck S17 NDAS, unconditional EVs (player BJ pushes dealer BJ, otherwise loses)
    Shoe comp (A-5):  {4, 4, 4, 4, 4}
    Shoe comp (6-T):  {4, 4, 4, 4, 16}
    Single split EVs (full peek)
    Press c or C to display EV on the condition that dealer has checked for
    for blackjack - Press any other key to display unconditional EV: Unconditional
    Please input pair value.
    (a or A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,t or T): Pair value = 9 ...Computing, please wait...
    SPL1 (split & play without knowledge of dealer up card): -0.0236440395378017
    SPL1 versus 2: 0.173232943411645
    SPL1 versus 3: 0.172778633765097
    SPL1 versus 4: 0.252688077504041
    SPL1 versus 5: 0.339219595561846
    SPL1 versus 6: 0.359377292533821
    SPL1 versus 7: 0.34057565610755
    SPL1 versus 8: 0.179418224640052
    SPL1 versus 9: -0.112239530063659
    SPL1 versus T: -0.32491952594157
    SPL1 versus A: -0.375118168549501
    Press any key to continue

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    I can confirm that your numbers are right as they exactly match mine . I think strategy variations will only appear for a well depleted single deck, but I still won't make a big enough impact to change the overall EV and call for a different strategy for a given dealer up card / player hand
    Chance favors the prepared mind

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