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Thread: Las Vegas Ground Transportation Options

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    Las Vegas Ground Transportation Options

    I'm headed to Vegas later this week. When I checked yesterday, car rental prices were still high. Perhaps the rates will decrease soon due to the return of some mask mandating?

    What are some alternatives to car rental? (By the way, Turo's (ordinary people renting out their vehicle) rates also seemed high.).

    I've used the bus previously, and, from an economic standpoint, it's great. But I found it difficult to figure out which buses to take to my particular destinations.

    What are some (affordable) options besides walking and Uber/Lyft?

    Scooter rental?
    Renting a "UHaul?"

    Thanks in advance!

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    Couldn't you just walk the strip and Uber to DT if required?

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    Thanks, but I don't plan to play on the Strip. So, Lyft/Uber may be too expensive.

    Does anyone have ideas for ground transportation? For instance, has anyone rented a UHaul (van, perhaps) in lieu of a rental car?

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    At the moment, if your traveling alone, the bus is your best option. You can get a pamphlet from the bus terminal giving you the schedule for the routes. You will actually spend less time waiting for a bus than an Uber.

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    In your case, it is more profitable to take some kind of light personal transport, such as a bicycle, a scooter, a car, it is very convenient but also expensive, so it will be cheap on the bus but less comfortable than in the above-mentioned transportation methods.

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    Thanks all. I actually found a so-so rate for a rental car through Turo.

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