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Thread: Old CET Trespass

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    Old CET Trespass

    Many years (5+?) ago, I was trespassed from a Vegas CET property. This was verbal with the property name, though included the often mentioned "this applies to all Caesars properties worldwide". It's been years since I've played but I made a few trips in the last year without issue, including several CET properties.

    A few questions:

    1) I know the "this applies to all Caesars properties" thing is likely just an empty threat. Has anyone experienced such a thing actually being enforced? Would showing my ID when cashing out potentially cause issues?

    2) Does the eldorado/CET merger in any way affect the trespass?

    3) Given that it's been so long, is the trespass still worth worrying about? I know I can still play at general CET properties in short sessions, but I'd like to also make extended trips with friends without having to worry about issues once they figure out my identity.


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    1. Mostly empty threat but if card was tagged you should not use it again in that market. If you were 86d without them knowing who you are your card is likely still clean.
    2. Maybe but likely not. Eldo bought the Caesars Props and likely the underlying business structure of the corporations was unchanged. They'll just trespass you again. Don't screw with the tribals too hard. They make their own rules.
    3. Generally I wouldn't worry too much but if trespassed at a tribal I'd stay away generally. If you are recognized and re-trespassed your friends will likely be trespassed as well if seen with you.

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    What if CET tried sending you papers certified bc you were 86d from one property only, still ok at other properties until they confront you at each place? I think I heard from Bob Ner. That they cannot ban you from all properties unless told so at each, but I may be wrong here...

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