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Thread: How to maintain a social life as an AP

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeeBabar View Post
    Surprised because Ryemo was very friendly and open when I met him, gave some tips.
    I didn't mean to say that Ryemo isn't friendly and doesn't give awesome tips. He is very friendly and gives tips freely. You missed the meaning of my post. What I intended to say is that his Discord is polluted with some rascist assholes, not that he is one of them or isn't helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaconne View Post
    Ryemo's Discord works well if you enjoy the company of racist assholes.
    That's what the mute function is for. Spend a week in there, muting as you need to and you'll find yourself in decent company. But that's the same anywhere you go on the internet.

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