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Thread: Penetrations Effect on Betting

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    I must be using CVCX wrong, if not I have been severely underestimating the importance of penetration. I knew from reading that it was important but...

    When simming a game at 3.5 Pen it shows we gain our edge at a -5 and have our max bet at 1, when simming a 5.50 deck game we don't gain our edge until a 0 with our max bet at 7. Using our 3.5 deck betting ramp in our 5.5 deck game our EV goes up and RoR goes down despite having multiple large bets in negative EV situations.

    But where I'm really questioning my CVCX skills is the 3.5 deck betting ramp in the 5.5 deck game has a higher EV than the recommended 5.5 deck betting ramp despite the -EV bets. Though the risk of ruin did go from 0% to 1.5%

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21forme View Post
    That's assuming he's capable of playing an error-free L2 count and won't be afraid to spread, split, DD, etc., when appropriate.
    Why, you have reason to believe that he isn't capable of doing that?


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