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Thread: Compuoudimg interest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cohiba View Post
    Jabber - I assume that your are only doing that with a reasonable portion of your investment bankroll and with money that you are ok with losing? Seems like a high risk venture?

    To the OP - I have felt that way for quite a while in that the money i would expect to earn from AP didnt justify the time/effort even when playing games with a high hourly ev. The problem isnt the time on the felt but rather all the other things that you need (travel, scout, get in a game, get off the game) to do to actually get hours in a game.

    That said i have made some nice scratch from the game, enjoy the challenge of identifying, assessing and exploiting new challenges. Taking money from a casino is still fun for me and i dont play golf. Need a hobby and like the analytical aspects of AP play; especially enjoy attacking new games and using new methods of attack.

    At the end of the day at this point i am not going to win or lose enough to make a material difference in my standard of living - actually like to compare my total net worth to a rollercoaster where i have been climbing the hill in an upward accumulation phase and am and just about to the top. A few years on the level rounding the corner to the drop and then plan to take it down over time.

    Everyone APs for different reasons.

    Nice post, Cohiba! I agree that everyone APs for different reasons and sometimes that makes for an intense conversation. I've been a full-time card counter for five years, making $70k in my lowest year and $120k in my highest. I know these aren't the most impressive numbers among professional BJ players, but the money is sufficient to pay the bills plus increase our savings balance. And I find I only need to work on average three days a week to achieve it. There are high paying office jobs available to me but I'm not wired in such a way to be able to fit in that environment.

    I actually enjoy counting cards and the lifestyle fits my personality. Dalmatian, I know you've worked diligently to build a sizeable bankroll and be able to play at a high level. I'm sorry to hear that you're not having fun doing it. In my mind, that is a deal killer. If you don't actually like AP work, bag it and find something that fits you better. On the other topic you mention, investing in bitcoin, I was fortunate to hear well the proselytizing words of Vagabond back in the day when bitcoin's price was much lower. That speculative investment has added some padding to my bankroll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dalmatian View Post
    Hey. Just wondering. How stupid can you be after you hit several million isnt the right move to dump all your money into SP500 and just call it one? Theres something called compuouding interest. Why even waste your time with AP anymore? A lot of these supposed AP greats that have been int hos forever, why are they still playing? Theres no way they are getting enough action down to justify playing over simply along compuouding interest kick in. It really seems that a lot of APs, even the supposed successful ones, are vastly exaggerating their success. Let me know ur opinion

    Continuing to play or work for that matter will not affect the compound interest gains. That is why Jeff Pezo and Bill Gates are still working.

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    To tell you the truth I don't think the United States is investable anymore. Other people is going to figure out ways to take your money thought taxes or fees.

    For your information, Jeff Bezos' salary is less than $82000. Majority of his wealth is through Amazon stocks.

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