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Thread: Installing the CV suite on a notebook

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    Installing the CV suite on a notebook

    Hello Norm

    I have two questioins regarding the CV suite.

    1.) I have the following CV programs (basically all except CVData):

    CVBJ Version 5.6.230
    CVShuffle V2.6.230
    CVCX Version 5.0.144

    and all of them were delivered on CDs (I have CDs for CVBJ Blueprint, CVBJ 5.0, CVBJ 5.5, CV Shuffle V2, CVCX V5.0).
    I installed these programs on my large laptop at home, which is too heavy for use outdoors and on travel.
    So I am considering buying a second laptop (lightweight) for outdoor and travel use.

    Is it allowed and possible to install the CV software on this second laptop, too,
    or must I buy the whole CV suite once again for this, or uninstall it from my first laptop?

    2.) Another question is, how should I install the CV suite on the second laptop, which would have no DVD drive?
    Are there any installer files available from the Download page or something? Currently, I see the following files
    on my hard drive of my laptop at home:



    but am not sure if they would be sufficient for installing the CV suite without using the CDs and a DVD drive.

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    Yes you can use on another device. Email me at [email protected]
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    Thanks, Norm! I have sent you an email.

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