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Thread: A question for Norm.

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    A question for Norm.

    Since you are a long time owner/moderator it would be interesting to hear your opinions pertaining to an ongoing saga on two enormous threads each thread on a different site regarding the truth or fabrication of a high stakes apparent successful Baccarat Player. Specifically how would you handle the periodic over heated disputes that are always present among opposing views? The controversy throughout these two threads brings on plenty of traffic to those sites that obviously benefit the owner/moderator of the two forums but shouldn't they themselves be under some sort of obligation to members to get to the truth? Norm, you being a math guy and all would seem to me like the right person to be asking these questions. Thank you.
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    Can't know without looking at the thread; and don't really have the time or inclination to look at an AP argument on another site. As for traffic, it's very useful, indeed necessary, if you have ads; and the successful sites (using traffic as an indicator of success) generally like prolific posters, no matter what they say. Traffic begets more traffic as it improves search engine position. Of course, as quantity increases, quality generally decreases.
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    Thanks Norm.

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