I'm not real geekay - I don't do advanced stuff - pretty much basic stuff
my computer - a pretty good Lenovo desktop is 6 years old now - older than most I guess
I want to keep it as long as I can - I hate buying a new computer - not so much the money - I hate the decision of what to buy and getting familiar with a new one
it's running Windows 8.1 - if MS stops supporting 8.1 hopefully I can download Windows 10 or whatever - but the word is that's not always easy to do

to keep my computer as long as I can I baby it
I store almost nothing - it all goes to various cloud services
I never download anything unless I can immediately move it to a cloud and then delete it permanently
I never keep a lot of different tabs open for any length of time

lately, my PC has been slowing down with the blue dot turning and me having to wait a couple minutes to get back to whatever
so, yesterday, I uninstalled a lot of the crap that came with the thing that I never use
I uninstalled maybe 15 apps
that seems to have helped and since I did it, it hasn't been slowing down