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I would recommend BJA for your first year counting. Colin is easy to reach and helpful with all members but especially newbies. The content and fellowship are hands down worth the money invested. I’m a winning player and have been for going on 3 years. I am convinced I developed great habits and strategy using that site. You can read all you want but BJA will help bring the game to life for you

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Unlike this forum, the BJA forum has few long term pros on it. Fact is that while the teaching of the count and play is good, very few can last more than 10+ years. If you learn well, you can win at local casinos, 1-5 years at best. The site does not tolerate anyone cautioning newbies to not borrow money, not quit school or jobs, not go full time. Some here have been banned there. Many buy into the crap there and based upon, 1-5 years playing, think it’s time to go full time. The losers are not allowed to post there.