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Thread: Ideas to check if casinos are cheating

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    Ideas to check if casinos are cheating

    I play a game called Niu Niu. It is played from a single hand shuffled deck. After shuffling multiple times, two die are shaken to determine the beginning position. From the beginning position or hand each hand including dealer is dealt one card till each player hand has five cards. Basically the total with the biggest, with a full 0 is the winner. Exact rules are available elsewhere.

    People have commented on cheating in this specific game. I myself have lost 50 units after betting one unit each hand for a thousand hand. At two different places.

    I had checked the odds of this happening is 1:500. So 1:500 at two different casinos. No tax, total even play whoever is bigger wins.

    One card each means no unshuffled stacks. Plus multiple riffles.

    I am very AP but have absolutely no idea how they can cheat. With coupons the game is even mathematically + EV.

    You all want to enlighten me how is it for these casinos to cheat shuffling right in front of you?

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    There are plenty of videos showing how a skilled dealer can shuffle multiple times and then deal specific cards to specific players. I would have thought it was pretty straightforward for a skilled dealer.

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    After that gather the clump of cards they shuffle immediately. After these the cards are rowed out and using ONE finger dealt one by one. How to arrange the cards?

    You have video show me.

    I notice one thing the high cards seemed marked. But if the cards are dealt out one by one from the row how to ensure the high cards end up with the dealer?

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