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Thread: Zee, Did You Make a Trip to the Casino After They Reopened

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    Zee, Did You Make a Trip to the Casino After They Reopened

    You are an old fart like me, and I was wondering if you decided to venture to the casino yet?

    I haven't been to the casino yet, but I'm getting the itch to get out there real bad. One casino sent me some bonus free play good thru Aug. However, I won't be making any trips until after my family visits in July. The casino does require face masks, but lets you remove them once you are sitting at a machine.

    I'm kind of concerned about the covid because the first two casinos that opened in the U.P. had recent cases of covid in their counties.

    Gogebic County - 7 cases, 1 death, 4 recoveries
    March 26: Elderly Man (death)
    March 31: No details
    April 2: No details
    April 10: No details
    May 17: No details
    June 6: No details
    June 18: No details (This is a casino employee)
    June 27: No details

    This is the county where Island casino is located and where President Trump just made a recent visit to Marinette, WI. Just a river splits the towns of Menominee, MI and Marinette WI. Notice 5 covid cases since June 24th in this county. Here is Island casinos table games reopening rules.

    Menominee County - 14 cases, 0 deaths, 8 recoveries
    April 9: Adult woman
    April 23: No details
    April 25: No details
    April 28: No details
    April 28: No details
    May 4: No details
    May 14: No details
    May 15: No details
    June 9: No details
    June 24: No details
    June 24: No details
    June 25: No details
    June 26: No details
    June 27: No details

    Anyway any casino trip for me is still at least a month away.
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    At this time, given the risks at my age, going to a casino would be indicative of Addiction, so no, have not done so even though there are 5 casinos near me ((within 30 minute drive from my home). I am counter measured in these but I have not even come close to strolling thru any of them.

    I understand that besides wearing a mask, besides 6’ distancing, it’s still better to practice moving around when indoors with strangers. Squatting still next to others does not do it. The suggestion is that it takes 12-15 minutes for transmission from one infected person to another person, so moving around is important as well.

    I don’t plan on visiting casinos for a while, maybe until a vaccine is around. I have allergic asthma, slight diabetes, hypertension, all controlled by medication at present.

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    Good for you, Zee.
    Black chips matter


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