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Thread: CVCX basic strategy is different from CVBJ basic strategy.

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    CVCX basic strategy is different from CVBJ basic strategy.

    In CVBJ, with DAS and H17 checked, the basic strategy chart seems to match up with the one found here:

    In CVCX, with DAS, multiple deck, and H17 checked, the BS chart is different. For example, it doesn't say to surrender a pair of eights against a dealers upcard of ace, but it does say to surrender a pair of sevens against a dealers upcard of 10 and ace. Are there settings or game rules that I am not modifying properly?

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    The strategy is the same. But, keep in mind that CVCX is a parallel simulator. It can simulate more than one set of rules at once. So, when you ask it to display a strategy, it displays only one of the strategies. When you run the sim, it will switch the strategies used according to the rules being simmed at the moment.
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    Ok I get it now, thanks Norm

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