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Thread: New at counting and not sure which CV software I need

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    I don't need grief from anyone who isn't open-minded enough to even ask the question. I have great respect for Norm. However, Norm did not create blackjack and he's not a god.
    I've had enough idolizing cult worship.
    I'll go elsewhere.

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    "1" here. I'd appreciate an upgrade...maybe a "4" or "5". Are you willing to judge me on the merits of my work alone?
    The world really is not flat. And, this is not Europe 800AD-1200AD - the dark ages.
    I agree and accept that Norm is the BJ guru of our times, and an ok programmer.
    However, I am the programmer guru and an ok BJ student.
    I've seen BJ in ways that nobody has seen and I wish to share.
    I am not challenging Norm. I want to make his work more meaningful.
    There should be some middle ground between us to advance us all.
    If you are willing and have an open mind, email me at [redacted]and I will attempt to share my revelations with you.
    If you don't think that I could possibly share anything with you regarding BJ that you might remotely consider valuable,...well thanks for reading this.
    You don't even need to say FO. If I don't hear from, I will not contact you again. Promise.

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    OK, three things:

    1. Even though you have never contributed here: I allowed you to post about “competing” software. That is my philosophy. If it may help the community, I allow even if it may hurt my sales.

    2. I discovered that you posted way back in March a link to your site pushing this software as a response to a blog post in the blogs section. A sneaky method used by casino spammers.

    3. Don Schlesinger has clearly pointed out your lack of understanding. Let me add how far off you are. You claim your software can simulate “100s, even thousands” of hands in “minutes”. There is absolutely no meaning in thousands of hands. In “one” minute, CVCX or CVData can simulate over two Billion (not hundreds or even millions) hands and calculate optimal Kelly betting with a huge number of variations and data along with highly configurable charting on my two-generation old PC.

    Judging by your posts now and in March, I suggest you look at what exists and how far the math has progressed in this field.
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    "Croyez ceux qui cherchent la vérité, doutez de ceux qui la trouvent." --André Gide

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    Possibly a GPT-3 bot?

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