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Thread: New at counting and not sure which CV software I need

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelphiguruSam View Post
    I've searched (lightly) for forum rules governing the discussion, sale, or comparison of CVBJ to any other offerings, so, please, tell me if I'm being bad before I get into too much trouble.
    ok, that said...
    I am a retired computer programmer. I've been working on a suite of blackjack player, exploration, and analytical tools forever.
    I can answer your questions or you can use my software. It's free.
    ok. That's as far as I intend to go right now.
    If I can, I will give you answers that I can back up with data.

    Is it permitted to exchange email addresses here or post URLs? (probably not...most BJ sites are very...well, they don't like that)
    If you are interested in running a sim and comparing results to CVData I have the full suite and would be willing to compare outputs. Cross comparison of programs seems like a low cost way to verify results. Assume, Norm is ok with comparing results?


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    I have a high regard for CVBJ, however, as a programmer...

    who has written a few million lines of code in the past 50 years, if you have paid for and use a system because you trust it, don't go shopping. However, if you are seriously objective about comparing two systems, then you really need program testing a debugging skills. Most people do not have these skills, so they are stuck in the "dangling conversation" that never ends.

    My "BJRevealed Suite v1.0" (pic attached) provides the user results which are verifiable with wealthy data displays and a SQL database that can be queried and I will license the code to qualified individuals.
    The first attached pic is the "BJRevealed Suite v1.0" main screen.
    The second attached pic will be a screen print of my "Bravado CC Trainer".
    The third attached pc will be a screen print of my "Card Count Charts" This pic is actually five separate runs of my "card Count Charts" program. Each run is surrounded by a RED rectangle.

    so about card counting...
    Conceptually, card counting is not difficult to understand. Learning to be able to count while you're at the table with noise all around, player distractions, etc. is a huge leap for most people, which is why I designed my Bravado CC Trainer (pic attached).

    For the past several months, I've been bothered by the necessary high running count to achieve even a "1" TC. So, I added chart support for eleven of the most popular card counting methods. My charts program can compare any two of them against each other using the exact same 6-deck shoe. These charts are rather unexpectedly interesting in that the True Count is rather flat for the first three decks for all five shoes, but becomes more relevant after you pass the 3-deck position.

    This revelation helped me deduce that this is because the TC is calculated as True Count = RC / Decks Remaining and the Decks Remaining with 6 until the 26th card is dealt and 5 until the 78th card. So, in order to realize a "1" True Count in the first 26 cards dealt, the dealer must deal a "6" Running Count...rather unlikely.

    My "BJRevealed Suite v1.0" supports charts for: (in alphabetical order) Fives and Aces, Hilo, Kiss I, Kiss II, Kiss III, Knockout BJ, Omega II System, Red Sevens, Sams CC (same as Hilo but TC = RC), SAS ITA, Silver Fox, and Wong's Halves.

    BTW, if you can share your email address, I will send a you a free copy of the entire suite when I release it in the next month or so.
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    You don't play blackjack do you? I find it curious when you state: "So, in order to realize a "1" True Count in the first 26 cards dealt, the dealer must deal a "6" Running Count...rather unlikely," as if getting a rash of small cards to come out at any time, including at the top of the shoe, is something that we really can rarely expect to see.

    By the way, just me, but I hate charts like these. It's virtually impossible to know what any of the precise values are.


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    Actually, I do play blackjack. I haven't won millions, however, I have won a few hundred in a single session a few times and a couple of times a few thousand. However, I've only won about 20% more than I've lost, so I'm not quitting my day job. :-)

    I had one shot at communicating with you. Most people communicate more rapidly thru pictures. So, so as not to overload and bore you too much, I sent you the fewest pics I thought conveyed the scope of my efforts. I'm sorry that I didn't impress you enough to even make you curious. Oh, well.

    Blackjack is difficult to describe, even visually. The charts I shared are back by data in SQL database. The data supports the charts. If you send me your email, I will send you more info with a couple short video demos. Thanks for responding. delphigurusam

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    Sam - sure feel free to send your program to [email protected]. I always like to cross check results where i can - helps build confidence in the results. Thanks


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    It's very trusting and generous of you to share your email. So, can I share my email with you and even a URL?
    I'll send you a little info about my BJ stuff at a time. I tend to do TMI and overload people. If you are ever hungering for more than I am giving you, let me.

    Besides making a fellow BJ friend with whom to commiserate, I would like to take my software to a more meaningful and practical level. Even though I play BJ occasionally, I'm guessing that you have the "casino stories" I need to hear to tune my software to real people's needs who actually play BJ. So, welcome. I hope we can grow and help each other.

    So, friend, I would very much like you to ask me some questions about BJ...not practical questions about or for betting/playing guidance, but analytical questions like:
    How many split aces will I receive in 100 rounds, 1000 rounds,...more? (answer: about 1/500 rounds, or as high as 3.5/1000rounds), but occasionally 1 in 50 rounds, then a long dry spell)
    when I am dealt split aces, how often do I win...not tie...not lose...but win? answer: simply put, you lose, even doubling down.
    same often do I win, tie, lose when I double down?
    how about...if I never took a hit, how often would the dealer bust, instead of my busting? I know.
    Charts and statistics are my friends. Maybe you can help me understand what they are actually telling me?
    Isn't the end to win?
    Thanks for sharing.
    On this BJ site, I am [email protected]. I have a personal primary email that I will share with you once I get to know you. I'm guessing you feel the same. Understandable.
    I'll send you a test email in a few minutes.
    The subject line will include a code.
    Reply to my message with this code in the BODY of your email and tell me what month and year I was born. I told you above. I love history also.
    bout me...first, nothing against best friends were gay men when I worked in the corporate world...but, I'm not gay or a pedophile or like pain. hope you are the same. I am real. I am 75 years last four of my SSB are 7841. I was born the month following the Japanese surrender in WWII.
    that should help.
    one more thing. I don't want to get banned. I won't ever be nasty, but some BJ sites are very protective and don't like subscribers to actually meet each other.
    Please help me here. I'm a little socially stunted...actually stunted quite a lot...boundaries? I only truth. Seems obvious to me, but not always to others.
    Oh! And, I am not curious about other's lives and I don't swap stories. So, basically, what ever I hear (unles you tell me you've committed a capital crime) will never air anywhere else. Just me.

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    tonight's session

    tonight's session
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    Enough is enough.
    "Croyez ceux qui cherchent la vérité, doutez de ceux qui la trouvent." --André Gide

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    I can't make anyone curious.

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    Delphi, let me explain something, lest you not understand. You are posting on the site of the foremost developer of blackjack software in the world. And, Norm has been gracious to let you introduce yourself and your budding software to his blackjack community here. But, he shouldn't be expected to permit you to turn this into a showcase for peddling your wares.

    And, while you are, understandably, proud of your accomplishments to date in this domain, you are at a 1 in your stage of development while Norm is at 101. There isn't an aspect of this game that hasn't been covered by Norm's suite of products, while you are in your infancy. And, of course, it isn't a fair fight, because Norm has been at this for decades and has benefited from the input of blackjack players all over the world. If he personally hasn't thought of everything himself, it's certain that players have made sure that he hasn't forgotten to implement everything that is meaningful.

    Bottom line: you're bringing a knife to a gunfight. Feel free to go to other sites to continue your dialogue, but be gracious about taxing Norm's patience.


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