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Thread: Software Basic Strategy Table vs Book Basic Strategy

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    Software Basic Strategy Table vs Book Basic Strategy

    Hello All,

    I'm new to the forum. I have read a few black jack books recently. I just finished Blackjack for Blood. The basic strategy tables in the book are not reflected in the software. I have the most recent version of Casino Vertie. My first question is which table should i begin to master? If its the books version how can i get to show in the Casio Vertie? All advance and tips are appreciated.

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    There isn't one basic strategy but rather an entire collection of basic strategies, each to be applied to a different rules set of the game, along with number of decks used. To find the one that conforms to the game that you might be playing most often, go here, then to "Adjust the Rules," and input your parameters.


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    The Basic Strategy given in Blackjack for Blood is for a game known as Single Deck, Vegas Strip rules. This is Single Deck, dealer Stand on Soft 17, Double on any two cards and resplit all pairs exeept Aces. You will unfortunately almost never encounter this game in ours days. So, as Don mentions, go to the page he gave you and generate the BS for the game(s) you want to play.
    G Man

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