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Thread: The Next Morgenstern? Christopher Mitchell "Change your life Vlog"?

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    I don't know why this guy bothers me so much that I keep reacting. I guess because I have this wish to discourage people from risking money on Martingaling...............shoot even my ex-wife used to think this was the way to win at craps as she bet the "don't", martingaling until she won. Of course being a buxom blonde, she got away with being a loud, obnoxious "don't" better at the craps table..............but she sure pissed some gamblers off. LOL

    In any event, here is his recent explanatory statement and video that you HAVE to use Martingale to's the ONLY way to win because you lose more hands than you win. While I agree with the truth of "losing more hands than win", I don't think it's QUITE as easy as just using a 6x Martingale to win your original bet back. Nor do I quite believe that he wins $5k each and every time he visits a casino.

    Here you go. Please have fun posting your thoughts to his thread.

    What is more fun, is using the Wizard's friend's, Michael Bluejay's Martingale calculator. I posted it as a comment on one of his threads and...............for some reason it got deleted. LOL But maybe he has never reached the point where his martingaling catches up to the table limits or bankroll he brings. If so, he is one of he luckiest people in the world.
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    Delinked urls. It's OK to post links to scam sites. When you do, click Advanced editor, then deselect automatically parse urls.
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    Mitchell is getting ripped to shreds on another gambling site. I'll let others find it.

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    Christopher Mitchell deleted his original youtube video.

    Some-700ish-potential-Identity-thieves love Christopher. They can open doors to get thousand dollar loans with Lee Bradbury's name, SS#, home address, etc...
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