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Thread: Problem with counting drills?

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    I'm new to blackjack, picked up CVBJ and the Drills app for Android. I am currently working on counting drills, just calculating the running count for now. The problem I'm having is the program will give me a series of cards, and then asks me to select the number for correct running count. In both CVBJ and the app, it always indicates to me that the correct number is 0, regardless of how the previous cards have added up. I'm guessing it is some sort of setting I am missing. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

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    At the Home Screen, Playing Strategy (for Drills, or Playing Strategies for Game) Option, you must select the count you are using. If you do not switch it from Basic Strategy to a count, the app will think you are using Basic Strategy, for which no counting is needed and the count will always remain 0. Some new players select Basic Strategy to learn Basic Strategy before moving on to counting, which really is not a bad idea if you do not know Basic Strategy yet and want to focus on learning it before you move on to counting and learning the deviations from Basic Strategy based on the count.
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    I had a feeling the solution was going to be an obvious one haha. That fixed everything. Thanks for the help!

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