Just returned home from a West Virginia casino. According to my dealer, she said there is an organized boycott against the casino, so they closed a wing of BJ tables. She worries if the boycott continues, the casino may let many dealers go.

This group of people think ASM sequence the cards so when face card clump comes, everybody including dealer get 20 and push. And when small card clump comes, dealer easily makes hand while many players stand at 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 against bust card. And too often one player gets four aces or more in one hand. So they boycott. I have seen this group. They are really not that high rollers. They are just bet more than average ploppies. Otherwise, they will play at the high roller room which always use hand-shuffled instead of ASM. But they are tight and loud. And well organized. Last weekend I was shocked I am the only one appearing at the BJ table. This weekend there are more crowd but still very few players. Ask the dealer why the empty talbe, she said they have lost more than 50% of the business in the past two weeks. Even the casino promises and indeed opens more hand-shuffled tables on the main floor to calm the group but they have not returned yet.