New to the forum but I always find that a forum offers information rarely found on a standard Google search.

By no means am I a blackjack pro but I know the odds and standard plays. Question revolves around online play for money in PA and the RNG.

Is the hand predetermined if I am going to win or lose regardless if I hit or stand? I understand that this can only be true to a certain extent as if I kept hitting on 20, I obviously can lose every hand by busting regardless of the predetermined nature. So it comes down to the RNG, if I stay on a 14 instead of hitting like I should against the dealers 10 showing. If the dealer flips a 5 and is forced to hit, are we to believe that their card was the card I was to get or is it not at all related.

I just see too many times online that it seems obscenely high that whenever I hit with the dealer showing 10, they probably only have a 17 or higher 25% of the time. And when I do hit and don't bust(say I get to 18), it's uncharacteristically high that they have a 8, 9, 10 underneath. This trend is so counterintuitive to live bj that I'm curious if anyone has any knowledge, just for peace of mind and not to come up with a new strategy.