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    Spanish 21 Question


    My question concerns a Spanish 21 variant that allows early surrender (ES) against any dealer upcard. In reading the book Spanish 21 by Katherine Walker, she does not provide an ES strategy, but she does say this: “I will post early surrender strategy for both basic strategy players and card counters on” Unfortunately, that website no longer exists. I did find another post from a few years ago in the BJ Forum that states, for S21 with 8 Decks and H17, that early surrender should be taken against a dealer ace whenever you have 13 through 17 and also against a dealer 10 when you have 16. However, that poster did not cite to Ms. Walker or to any authority for this strategy. Can anyone tell me what Ms. Walker said about early surrender strategy in this version of Spanish 21?? Thanks!

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    Can't answer your question, but Ms. Walker died too young a number of years ago. Breast cancer, I believe.

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    That sounds like something I would ask- I went on a cruise ship years ago, and remember seeing a variant that was very similar to Spanish 21, but early surrender was allowed. If I recall correctly, a few of the higher paying bonuses weren't in play (no $1000 or $5000 for getting the Super Bonus, no bonus of 2:1 or 3:1 for suited 21s or multiple card 21s), and when I should have got a 3:2 bonus after splitting (not doubling), the floor told the dealer (who wasn't sure whether to pay the bonus) that the 3:2 isn't paid after splitting. Also, the dealer hit on a soft 17, which makes a bigger difference in Spanish 21 than in regular blackjack- it is a horrible rule, and everyone else I play, the dealer stands on a soft 17. I'm pretty sure that the combination of all four of those negative items would take away any advantage from early surrender, but am not certain.

    The website "spanishcountess" hasn't existed in a LONG time- I bought her book around a year after it was published, and the website was already down. But I did reach out to people that simmed early surrender, and what you wrote sounds about right. Unfortunately, penetration was nowhere near good enough to count the game, and get an advantage- the cruise ship was cutting off around half of the eight deck shoe.
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