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Thread: The Card Counter's Guide to Casino Surveillance by Cellini

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    The Card Counter's Guide to Casino Surveillance by Cellini

    1.) How up-to-date/relevant do you feel the material of this book still is in today's modern Blackjack world of advantage play?

    2.) Why isn't this book discussed more? I paid top dollar for the 2003 publication & there seems to be some pretty unique info in it that I have not read in other BJ books.

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    Great questions. I`ve thought about buying the book also, so I`m glad you think there`s some unique info in it. I don`t remember the exact price, but I know that it was high enough for me to want to wait until I knew it would really be worth it. I asked something similar on a related thread, but I didn`t start one specifically about it so I don`t think many, if anyone commented and I never followed up. Looking forward to hearing some opinions on this.

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    I bought the book back in 2009 or so and found it only mildly interesting, despite Snyder's hyperbolic endorsement: "most important information since Beat The Dealer".

    It's pretty dated now, IMHO.

    I can only speculate as to why it is rarely mentioned. To me, most of the info in the book is now well-known and well-disseminated among the BJ AP community to the point that little of it is controversial, new or particularly surprising. Also, it may be that its relatively high price limited its sales and so few people are familiar with it in detail.

    Did you find something in particular that was useful, surprising, helpful, etc?


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    I agree with SiMi.

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