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Thread: Been losing for a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BughouseMASTER View Post
    Because that guy is awesome. Why do you care so much?
    You are Naph.

    It’s simple: when somebody claims to have knowledge contrary to what guys with PhD’s in math have to say - and refers to them as “retards,” I’m curious as to what his background is. I want to know how much credibility to give him. You provided your website and I clicked on it.

    When I sit at the blackjack tables, I am using my money. I am going to pay a hell of a lot more attention to somebody like Michael Shackleford or Katarina Walker (who have/had advanced degrees in math and a long track record for success at the tables) than I am to somebody who doesn’t have either.

    You are arguing with folks in this forum who are respected in the BJ community with track records of success. I’m here to learn and improve my game. You distract from that.
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    Really? Is my name really Naph? Or N-E-P-H???

    Do you happen to wear reading glasses, or not?

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    Thread predictably went down the toilet.

    "It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows." -Epictetus

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