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Thread: Players edge 21

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    Players edge 21

    Just saw this game and not sure exactly what it is. It looks very similar to spanish 21 but it stated that suited bj pays 5 to 1. Anyone know what this game is?
    May the Variance be with you.

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    It’s just a Spanish ripoff, like every galaxy game is a ripoff of another game. I think two suited face cards might pay immediately. The 5-1 is for insurance on a suited dealer bj, not for a player bj.

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    Player's Edge 21: basically, it is Spanish 21 *but* there are three (3) different rules:

    1.) The 777 bonus is for Diamonds, rather than Spades
    2.) PE21 offers the player an auto-win 20 for matching rank and suit faces ({Ks Ks}, {Jh Jh}, ... etc)
    3.) PE21, unlike its Spanish 21 counterpart, offers the player a chance of getting 5-1 on Insurance iff the dealer draws a suited natural ({As Ks}, {Ad Qd}, ... etc)

    For rule 2: it is not strictly enforced and certain casinos do not offer it. Caveat Emptor!

    If one has the chance of playing PE21 over Spanish 21, play PE21! If rule 2 is *not* offered, then you can still play PE21 but you will not see any better results in the long run compared to that of Spanish 21.

    The good news is that for PE21, if you know the multi-card BS for Spanish 21, you can easily transition to PE21 without learning new charts.

    I concur with mcasllister: it is essentially a "rip-off", but careful consideration to the fact that certain rules favour the player. It is more of a "rip-off" to the older IP holder of Spanish 21; but if all rules are offered, then it is certainly better than Spanish 21!

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    Not only is rule #2 never offered T T B OI F N, but this is a H17 8 decker.

    The E O R of an Ace is 2.55 face cards in the S17 version, while it is about 1.50 face cards with H17.

    If this game permits the "redouble" option that makes the game playable; but not without it!

    An 8 deck H17 game has what I see as a 0.78% a House Edge, and that is prohibitive,

    Also the variance is extreme in this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkinnyBJplayer View Post
    <snip>T T B OI F N<snip>

    Dog Hand

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