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Thread: If anyone cares to see what my last 70 Hours have looked like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obi-wan21 View Post
    Would you please put the $ in FRONT of the number, where it belongs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacblacc911 View Post
    What games do you play mostly 6D, 2D?
    What's your usual spread?
    Is this just pure counting?
    I play 6D H17 now. For the first ~75 hours I was playing DD but changed up my game for the wiser.

    Usual spread is

    +1 table min
    +2 $20
    +3 and +4 $50
    +5 $75
    +6 or higher $100 and up to $125 depending on count.

    99% counting. I spent one night hole carding, but I haven't been able to track down that dealer again....maybe got fired. Wasn't very lucrative because I wasn't prepared for that type of play. I just saw an opportunity. Made $250

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