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Thread: The entertainment value of a BS "system" emotionally profitable

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    The entertainment value of a BS "system" emotionally profitable

    I'm mostly a recreational poker player and I do pretty well at poker to the point where I'm up overall every year to varying degrees. My mathematics has never been a strong point but I understand it well enough for poker to get by with bet sizings and EV etc.. I do also like to play blackjack more recently. I looked up a basic strategy chart for the precise game I'm playing and memorised it and away I went.

    I don't get out a lot anymore so I tend to play poker online these days in my spare time and that's lead to wandering into the online version of the single deck blackjack game which has been enjoyable. Lots of people have told me not to play blackjack online as it is rigged etc.. but I really don't see how they would get away with that and in my experience it doesn't seem to have any more or less chance of winning than any other blackjack I've played. But that's just based on my feel of it which is ultimately worthless like so much in gambling. But I assume these games are regulated somehow and until someone gives me a good reason to doubt them I'll go on believing they reflect the house edge stated.

    Anyway the BJ game I chose to play online has the following details:

    I've essentially been playing a variation of the negative progression labouchere strategy on it, not because I think it's some miracle system, I'm aware of the uselessness of any betting system over long term, I just find it more exciting to play that way and it keeps me disciplined to keeping to basic strat, so I stick with that because it's my favourite of them. I only play a low 7 number sequence so I don't get into much trouble with it but what I've been doing for ages now is with a starting bankroll of $1000 I just play my micro blackjack game and anytime I get over an arbitrary $100 mark I use any excess to pay for my small buy ins to poker tournaments and then play in those with money I've made from the black jack. So far I've been lucky enough not to hit a bad streak in my blackjack strategy for quite some time now and with the small buy ins have cashed in enough poker tourneys to bring my $1000 up to $3400.. every time I cash in a poker tourney for example it might bring my total from $2000 to something like $2155, then I'd use the $55 to buy into more small tourneys until (or if) it is depleted then return to blackjack strategy and if I generate another $10 with that (which I always have so far.. not saying that will hold true..) I then go back to buy in other tourneys and so on, thus building the bankroll.

    Now I don't know if that sounds like an insane strategy or even anything more than a random thing I've decided for some reason to do.. to any of you guys.. or if it's just a total fluke and it "seems" to be "working" and making me money so far only in my mind because I'm okay at poker and it has the illusion of results so far to seemingly back it up but I definitely will probably keep playing this way until it doesn't profit because.. I don't know.. it's fun and why not you know?. I don't necessarily think it's helping but it definitely if nothing else seems to so far give me the illusion I'm using blackjack generated money to pay for my tourneys. I mean strictly speaking that IS what I've been doing so far at least until.. the blackjack negative progression ultimately fails and I hit the $300 betting maximum and my bankroll takes a hit I've already profited high enough so far to take a few hits though and still haven't so I wonder how this will work out purely in results random or not.. longer term.

    You might ask why don't I just straight up buy into poker tourneys since the bulk of what I'm profiting is coming from those anyway and that's a fair point. But this messy "system" just feels more fun to me I guess what I'm asking and am curious about is how many people are doing these kinds of things as well with the only purpose to make things more entertaining for themselves? And when you do seem to be profiting over say a year or two of time do you start to quietly think there's something to it or choose not to think about such nonsense?

    Anyway tell me your crazy system bs you employ (if you do) I always find that interesting ha ha.

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    Not going to find many people on this forum where people gamble for entertainment. But if it’s something you enjoy doing and are fully aware it’s not a way to make money long term or anything to rely on — then go ahead. There’s no harm in doing something you enjoy if you’re using extra money you don’t need.

    That being said, the payback on that game seems way too high to be fair. A 0.08% HE can’t really make money for the casino, it’s just too little of an edge for them to profit. I guess it’s possible if they treat it as a loss leader, but that doesn’t seem too likely IMO.

    Have you tried cashing out from that casino? Even if they don’t gaff the games, some places make it extremely difficult to cash out. I’m stuck on 2 cash outs right now (different places) where they ask a bunch of questions, want 100 forms of ID, etc. etc. and it’s a total bitch and a half to deal with all that.
    "Everyone wants to be rich, but nobody wants to work for it." -Ryan Howard [The Office]

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    Quote Originally Posted by RS View Post
    That being said, the payback on that game seems way too high to be fair. A 0.08% HE can’t really make money for the casino, it’s just too little of an edge for them to profit. I guess it’s possible if they treat it as a loss leader, but that doesn’t seem too likely IMO.
    I guess one thing in the casinos favour is even though they are offering a low HE game for player's using perfect BS, the edge they probably have over most players is >1%

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