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Thread: An alternative to computing true count

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    That was my intent in bringing this up.

    Quote Originally Posted by BJGenius007 View Post
    Both methods will produce very similar results. It depends if you like to do multiplications or divisions.
    My apologies to Arnold - I scanned BJA3 and Blackjack for Blood since I use AOII to see if this this topic was mentioned, but didn't look at Black Belt in Blackjack.

    I don't mean to suggest we ignore TC, but we can add another method to our toolbox for counting with less effort and less likelihood of being noticed when it is beneficial.

    I originally starting thinking about this as I was replying to a newbie on Green Chip (which I no longer subscribe to) who got backed off for being so slow to make play decisions. It occurred to me that he might be slow due to the effort required to do the divisions, particularly if you have a fractional number of decks remaining. RI should be faster in most computations involving fractional decks.

    At the same time, I was laying out a decision tree for the play of the hand, and that was when I realized that some of the decisions could be done more quickly with multiplication, and that the multiplication results may remain valid for successive decisions.

    It is all about speed and not appearing to be counting or calculating.

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    I have a hard time believing he got backed off for being too slow. Has anyone seen a civilian play? I'm guessing it was the bet spread. It's always the spread.

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