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Thread: Former NFL star caught bet capping (cheating) at blackjack

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    yep...want my phone #, too?

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    Dealer error all the way, imo....intention was to split and sticking to it!

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    Yes, that was mishandled by the dealer and also the reporters who wrote about it - including myself - I should have looked closer before I called it bet capping - I too easily accepted the reporter's version

    but at 2:10 on the vid he sticks his hand into the chip tray, tries to grab chips and succeeds only in knocking some over because the dealer pushes his hand away - and then he aggressively points his finger right at the dealer's face - about an inch away from his face

    he can't get the benefit of the doubt on that - my guess is he's stoned out of his mind and doesn't really even know what he's doing or where he is
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    I think I get why ZMF and Tthree quit posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberwocky View Post
    I think I get why ZMF and Tthree quit posting.
    ZMF is banned so he can't post. Anybody know what happened to Tthree?

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