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Thread: PB/Dealer Requests ID Due To Young Looks, Should I Just Play Rated?

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    Yeah pretty obvious their intentions. Like I said, other options like friends/family, later, were not necessarily viable. Sometimes you've got to bite the bullet. Even after the fact, cashiers cage photocopied my ID.

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    I too look young and get ID'd frequently. I'd stay away from playing rated for blackjack. The information they attach with your players card is more than when they simply check your ID. However, if you're not concerned with longevity in your local stomping grounds, you can milk them for as long as you're able to. From experience I did this and had a great year or so, but now am in OSN and playing rated anywhere for blackjack is out of the question.

    Some places will give you a wrist band without any hesitation. Other places will try to make up some profile into a system which can lead to issues down the line.

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    An older episode of Gwae gave me some good advice with surveillance and identity. If you must show your I.D. after getting a wristband leave the premises for an hour or so then come back show your wristband. Munchkin mentioned entering the casino twice to throw surveillance off on car license plates.

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    From what I understand, when you play unrated, they sometimes still create a "profile" of you and assess those winnings to you; example (old man with dyed hair and glasses).

    Recently something new has happened, been playing with others, and I'm the only one who gets IDed (so I show my players card out of habit) and the rest go unrated. Naturally instead of rat holing now (well I do pocket a few greens here and there), I offshoot blacks to them. Could be a pretty good effective way to keep down the cumulative, and the others dont suffer. Or am I wrong here?

    Recently played, old person was following my ramps. Then she rat holed all the blacks she won, and kept claiming she was losing a bunch (while I had massive blacks on the table). Wonder what the probability of all it being assigned to me was.

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