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Thread: Planning Vegas trip

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    Planning Vegas trip

    I would like to spend 24 hrs Wonging in Vegas up to $25 tables on foot or on the bus starting on the strip. Do I need to avoid these database participant shops? I hear if you get in the database it can bring you heat at home (from another post). I plan to spend less than an hour in each location and just keep moving on down the strip eventually hitting downtown. I would like to do this midweek. Any suggestions on places that would be a waste of time. Although this is just for fun I would like to turn a few bucks if possible and think playing all plus counts I should be able to bet full Kelly. Just throwing this out for advice, I have a fair amount of experience but it never hurts to fish for tips. Thanks to all and good variance.

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    You’ll spend more time walking than anything else. If you just hit and run with spread 1-12, or even 20, I think you should be okay. The problem comes if you want to stay on the strip on foot, you will hit a few MGM properties all at once.... they’re all in proximity of each other. They have better rules on paper as well. You’re limited when you just stay on the strip. Good cards.

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