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Thread: is there a true count calculator?

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    is there a true count calculator?

    is there any software/app that can calculate the true count base on # of deck and the card left?

    i play 4 decks and 6 decks games but sometimes i just get confused if i should floor or truncate, and i want to make everything as accurate as possible.

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    Couldn't you use a normal calculator?

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    Yes. It’s between your ears. Generally flooring is considered optimal.

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    I don't really understand the question. Do you mean an app to practice away from the table?

    I'm not sure how long ago it was but Three had a post about how he calculates TC. I remember he took a little flack for the length of the post, but I liked it. Long story short if you know your multiplication tables by rote, finding the TC can be automatic.

    If you're using full decks it's really easy.

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