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Thread: Input Requested Regarding Apparent AP Strategies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overkill View Post
    My fear as expressed in the original post came true - this thread became a thread about shuffling and not how to capitalize on my strategies without a sufficient bankroll. I am still open to more input please.
    You didn't give enough info on what you are doing for anyone to know how to help you. If you have an insufficient BR for any strategy you are flirting with disaster. You can wait and raise a sufficient BR, or take an approach that will either lose your BR or grow a sufficient BR in short order. The latter is very risky but if you get lucky your BR will be sufficient. If you aren't playing a winning game I don't see the point. If so you got lucky and should take the money and run.

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    I am interested in having a phone conversation that investigates any mutual interest we may have in your "system". Yes, if it and you pass the due diligence required we may be able to assist.

    Since it appears you are not a paying member, I am unable to private message you. You can reach me at email [email protected] by providing a phone number and available time to talk.

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