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Thread: The Reasons Why So Many Poker Pros Die Broke

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    I tried to become a poker pro long ago, when players were weak.

    I tamed the variance by playing Limit Hold Em' starting to play

    at the minimum and slowly rising in stakes after weeks of success.

    I found, at the time I could play at the $10 - 20 level and at the

    $20 - 40 level.

    In both cases I had earned a net win of just $20 / hr. at both.

    Inadequate ~ to understate the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueman View Post
    Actually ive rarely played in cali, once or twice

    Midwest stores, some vegas, atlantic city, PA
    Cool, gotcha. Thanks for answering, I was just curious because I heard Cali was a great place to play.

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