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Thread: Why the rule that the dealer stands on a hard 17?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Player View Post
    Dbs6582, this site is mostly a blackjack site, and I was wondering how you did on blackjack this past year. Did you have a winning year? Did you answer the poll question? I hope you don't feel guilty if you won a few bucks at the casino. I'm sure the government won't miss the few bucks in tax income you caused by reducing the casino's profit.
    Midwest Player, yes I had a winning year. I’ve said that a couple times on this forum. I think I answered your poll question...but I’m not sure since you have so many polls. Believe it or not, your polls are not the most important thing in my life. Lol

    Yes, I do feel a little guilty when I win money from my local casinos. I’ve said this on this forum many times. I’m surprised you missed it. I’m currently living in one of the poorest states in our union and our local casinos are kind of like the local bar, where the community comes together to enjoy a little gambling, music and social interaction. Since I feel a little guilty winning money in these casinos, I usually try to be one of the biggest tippers to give back a little to the community. I know it’s not much, but it makes me feel better, and it definitely makes me more liked at the casinos, and with the dealers and waitresses.

    The situation is different when I visit larger casinos in larger states. I know this isn’t being totally consistent, but the reality is I don’t feel bad when I extract money from a larger casino. When I lived on the east coast, I never felt guilty taking money from Foxwood or MS but I also didn’t play there much because I didn’t care for these big impersonal casinos.

    When I go to casinos, my objectives are a little different than most APs. For me, it’s about more than just winning money. I like the entertainment, and interaction with the locals. As Zee has said, it allows me to interact with people I wouldn't normally interact with at my job. Casinos are a way for me decompress after a busy week at work.

    I can tell some of my comments have struck a nerve in you. Sorry about that. The reason I brought this up is to point out the real reason states have legalized casinos (casinos didn’t just pop up on their own). It’s to raise revenue for the State. They are now legal in 42 States, and I expect in the future all 50 states will legalize them. They aren’t legal in Texas yet and It’s causing Texas to lose a lot of revenue to neighboring states, where huge casinos have been built just over the Texas state line to take advantage of the Texas market. Texas has a lottery so it’s just a matter of time before they legalize casinos.

    Rather than thinking of taking money from a casino, an AP should remember what they’re really doing is taking money from the state and local governments. Basically, what we’ve done is discovered a loophole in the govenrment’s voluntary tax program. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s legal, but we shouldn’t have any delusions we’re doing anything great by taking money from a casinos. Hope that point didn’t pop your bubble that you were on some great moral crusade by taking money from casinos.

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    I personally hate casinos. It's an entire industry that has been built on addiction & exploitation of the suffering of addicts. I could care less for any argument regarding alleged "good" that comes from the evil empire. If the industry was forced to offer FAIR games and not allowed to ban better players than themselves it might be different. Even though I see that Indian casinos help their communities and serve as a form of reparations it doesn't invalidate my point. Casinos in general are ripping people off and capitalizing on sick people's disease. They will allow people to play who are a sip away from alcohol poisoning, too mentally incompetent to comprehend the games themselves, too old and decrepit to pull the lever, or otherwise incapacitated but let an individual BEAT them at their games and they respond like the abusers they are and do everything they can get away with to take revenge. This is a subject I will never tire of attacking and YES I DO feel as if I'm doing a little good by taking away from the great Satan. Lol.

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