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Thread: Adding AA78mTc side count to High Low

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    Also, HO2-2(Adef) = 97.91% doesn't measure play efficiency it is a measure of betting correlation from what I understood looking at your chart you posted. How will that affect playing???
    The increased Betting Correlation (BC) will increase your SCORE.

    This was shown to be the case when for my HL sims I added HL + (1/3)*(5m6c) for my betting running count (brc) which increased the BC by about 0.8%. The only thing that changed in that last HL sim was using the brc instead of HL for betting so that entire SCORE gain in the last HL sim was due to the increase in BC. Look at the sims that Gronbog posted and note the increase in the score from HL + AA78mTc + 5m6c to HL + AA78mTc + 5m6c b (where b = betting indicating that the brc = HL + (1/3)*(5m6c) was used instead of HL for betting).

    A look at the sims shows that the increase in the SCORE from BC increasing by 0.8% was around 2.5% for all cases, back counting and play all, when BC was increased by 0.8%.
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