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Thread: The great mystery involving ASM, and can they be pre programed to cheat?

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    No, that is far from obvious. With this kind of electro-mechanical device, the fact that it has a switch that does one thing does not mean that it can be easily reprogrammed to do another thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMass View Post
    Given that info, it's obvious that the machine could be programed to do anything
    That is possible, almost anything is possible. However, we here on this site deal in probabilities not possibilities, and the probabilities are near zero that a casino would hire someone to modify one of these machines to cheat. As you said, the mod would be discovered with dire consequences for the casino that did such a thing. The fact is that casinos are literally printing money and it would be highly unlikely that they would kill the goose that is laying golden eggs to make a relatively small amount by modifying a shuffling machine to cheat players.

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