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Thread: Rate&Suggest - My Blackjack Library

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSchles View Post
    Spell Thorp without the e at the end. Last author should be Thomason, and the comment should read: Burn the book!

    OK, will correct my typos.

    There are several that should have "Burn the Book" but did contribute to the student developing an appreciation for the range of "stuff" out there.

    Luck is nothing more than probability taken personally!

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    Thanks Dan, I will

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSchles View Post
    You should buy BJA3 from LVA (Huntington Press):

    Thanks I will

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    at first, I want to reply to the librarys presented before:

    From my point of view, you have a lot of the most needed books already.
    There are two to three books I would recommend in addition to your list:

    • Modern Blackjack II (especially if you use his Software) by Norm Wattenberger
    • Blackbelt in Blackjack by Arnold Snyder (as recommended before)
    • Just for the "Style" of the book: Winning Blackjack for the Average Joe (nothing new, in relation to others a bit low on depth and quite short, BUT honestly the best looking, best layouted and best styled book I saw. All charts and tables in beautiful color, using a big font, so everything is easy readable) by A. Jeffry

    Very impressive List! Can't add anything here

    So now I come to my library:

    Book: By:
    Blackjack Attack 3 Don Schlesinger
    Beat the Dealer Edward O. Thorp
    Knock-Out Blackjack Olaf Vencura & Ken Fuchs
    Basic Blackjack Stanford Wong
    Professional Blackjack Standord Wong
    Blackjack Secrets Stanford Wong
    Playing Blackjack as a business Lawrence Revere
    The Theory of Blackjack Peter A. Griffin
    The World's Greatest Blackjack Book Lance Humble
    Blackbelt in Blackjack Arnold Snyder
    The Big Book of Blackjack Arnold Snyder
    Million Dollar Blackjack Ken Uston
    Las Vegas Blackjack Diary Stuart Perry
    Modern Blackjack I Norm Wattenberger
    Modern Blackjack II Norm Wattenberger
    1536 Waters and other BJ Endavours Glen Wiggy
    Blackjack Blueprint Rick Blaine
    Winning Blackjack for the Average Joe A. Jeffery, Oxley

    I'd like any recommendations about adding some books to this, but I really want some "new" informations or "new" advises, that the books I have dont already include.
    Also, since I love to read, talk, think, and even dream about Blackjack (as I hope and think all of you do ), I'd like also recommendations about really enjoyable reads.


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    Alex, I think you might like: Play Blackjack Like the Pros by Kevin Blackwood which is a very informative book in my opinion.

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    Blackjack For Blood - Bryce Carlson. The latest edition came out a year ago or so.

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    Fortune's Formula-Poundstone. History of the Kelly Formula & its use in gambling (especially blackjack) & the markets.

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    BoSox, paymypush and 21frogman,

    thanks for yours answers - of course I added the mentioned books to my library now.

    Since it grew heavily in the last month, I wanna update the current one:


    1536 Free Waters and other BJ endavors

    A Woman's guide to Blackjack

    Basic Blackjack

    Blackbelt in Blackjack

    Blackjack Attack 3

    Blackjack Autumn

    Blackjack Bluebook II

    Blackjack Blueprint

    Blackjack for Blood

    Blackjack Secrets

    Bootleggers 200 Proof Blackjack

    Bringing down the house

    Burning the Tables in Las Vegas

    Cheating at Blackjack

    Fortunes Formula

    Gambling Times Guide to Blackjack

    Get the edge at Blackjack

    Ken Uston on Blackjack

    Knock-Out Blackjack

    Las Vegas Blackjack Diary

    Million Dollar Blackjack

    Modern Blackjack I

    Modern Blackjack II

    Play Blackjack like the pros

    Playing Blackjack as a business

    Professional Blackjack

    Repeat until rich

    Risk and Reward

    The Big Book of Blackjack

    The Blackjack Life

    The Color of Blackjack

    The Counter

    The essentials of casino game design

    The Law for Gamblers

    The Theory of Blackjack

    The worlds greatest Blackjack Book

    Turning the Tables on Las Vegas

    Winning Blackjack for the average Joe

    You cant win ... unless

    I would like more reconmendations on great reads Thank you
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