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Thread: Kudos to Norm

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    Kudos to Norm

    Having been a member of this site as well as a patron and eternally grateful beneficiary of the many Qfit products I feel that a thank you and exhibit of my appreciation to our Site Director and AP Guru NORM is woefully overdue. I have been coming to this site for about 6 years from newb to burnout back to newb and rusty old codger and I have to say that Norm has been a true Mentor to me in every step of my journey. Not only did he develop what I consider to be the BEST BJack software available anywhere in the world to the public but he stands behind his product and has given me more faithful, vigilant, reliable and TRUE customer service and product support than ANY other product I have purchased, software or otherwise. My Hyundai doesn't have as great a warranty!!! Having been a member here for a few years it is obvious that Norm goes over and above as Dir. of the site, software producer and mentor. I am eternally grateful for all of the help, guidance, advice, support and genius that the man has selflessly given me over the years. As a newb and even now he has treated me, and everyone else, as an equal human being and has advanced the AP game more than any other individual that I have come to know. I feel that Norm deserves a round of thanks and appreciation from all of us that is LONG overdue and I am proud to be the first to extol his many virtues. So Norm, from me, and the entire AP world, we thank you sir. May the cards forever fall in your favor and keep up the excellent work and teaching. I am sure that the more eloquent members of the site will have much more to say and I look forward to reading all of the forthcoming praises.
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    (Does brevity count toward eloquence?)

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    Watch it Norm. OP is setting you up for a discount.

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    I'm disappointed in you guys. SMDH.????

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    They're just having fun. Thanks for the post.
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