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Thread: Confusing Blue Bubble Narrative Notes in CVData

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    Confusing Blue Bubble Narrative Notes in CVData

    Please note that the following critique is not derogatory by any means. I think the QFIT software is fantastic.

    However, within CVData while setting up for a simulation, under the Setup tab, and under the Define Shuffling and Dealing section, the blue bubble narrative is rather confusing. In analyzing penetration 0.5 / 3 (i.e. only ½ deck of the shoe’s 3 decks are dealt before reshuffle) ((not realistic I know, just a side analysis that I’m doing; and this is the example I had on my screen so I’m using it here)) (Also see jpg below).

    1). The Shuffle Point / Cards describes what is LEFT in the shoe at reshuffle, while Shuffle Point / % and Shuffle Point / Decks describe what is REMOVED from the shoe at reshuffle. (At first glance this is a little befuddling. Maybe make all the same, either pertaining to what is removed or all pertaining to what is left??)

    2). The blue bubble narrative note that pops up for Shuffle Point / Decks SHOULD INSTEAD read “the number of decks dealt before a reshuffle”. The current note “The decks remaining before a reshuffle” is either wrong, or misleading at best. (I suppose for it to not be wrong, it is referring to at the start of the game, it is the # decks that will be dealt before a reshuffle).

    Norm, love the QFIT programs, and I strongly recommend all new counters to get AT LEAST CVBJ and CVCX, and then later CVData. This is just a friendly critique to maybe add to your next revision to the software so it is more clear to all future users.

    Confusing Blue Bubble Descriptions in CVData--jpg.jpg
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    People talk about it in different manners, which is why there are three methods displayed when you change the value. I'll look at the text. But, am limited in memory.
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