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Thread: Card clumping

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    I thought this was an expert forum, in which people rely on math and not just on their intuition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ellenc View Post
    The BS and the card counting, are based on the ideal situation, that the cards are evenly distributed in the deck or decks.
    This is sort of true for Basic Strategy which is most effective at a TC near zero, but the opposite is true for card counting. As Three said, the premise of card counting is to track the non-homogeneity of the deck. Counting a string of low cards can indicate that a section of the pack with a high density of high cards may be upcoming.* So you want, rather require, different characteristics in different sections of the pack for card counting to work. I don't use the term "clumping" for this condition. This is simply the frequent result of good old hand shuffling.

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