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Thread: Card Counting App for Amazon Fire Tablet HD8

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    Card Counting App for Amazon Fire Tablet HD8

    Looking for recommendations on a good card counting app for my Amazon Fire Tablet HD8

    Is there an app which would include the Uston APC, or would allow me to enter a user defined strategy and set up flash card drills?

    Thanks in advance for any replies


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    I probably should have posted this in the Software Forum, but after posting it dawned on me to check QFIT. I found Blackjack Vérité Games and Blackjack Vérité Drills for Android

    A lot of Android Apps are not compatible with the Amazon Fire Tablets, but I e-mailed Norm and he told the apps should work on the newer Fire Tablets

    Both apps installed and work fine on my Fire Tablet HD8

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    Yep I have Verite drills, and got Verite games but had to refund it as it didn't work on my phone.

    My only issue with Verite drills is it doesn't include indexes for ES10, so despite flooring I have to use truncate indexes from professional blackjack. Of course I just drop the negative indexes by 1, it's the 0 indexes like 14 v 10 that I am unsure of, whether they should be 0 or -1, and of course I can't include surrender indexes in the drills. Not a big deal at all I suppose, just a bit annoying.
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    Verte drills are a huge help with drilling.

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    I wish Verite Drill has "pause" feature because if you get phone call while using it then you got "error" after get back to the game. I also wish you can recount the last shuffle so you know why/where you made mistake.

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