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Thread: Casino cheating threads

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    So ... where can i post about a casino with rigged shoe?


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    I think the subscription forum is the area to post that. I am not sure what sub-forum. If you are not a subscriber you can post it in the general BJ forum. But beware, the thread will most likely eventually be moved to the appropriate area of the subscription forum.

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    Not a legal opinion but I do not think suspecting casino of cheating would be considered libel. I think the burden of proof is actually on the casinos to convince the public that they are not cheating because they control the game. The player cannot prove cheating because he does not have access to the game operation information. It is natural for player to suspect cheating, not a crime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Three View Post
    The games are not close to me. I rarely play them. I have family I rarely visit in the Pittsburgh area and sometimes go to the casino in question on those visits. I always make adjustments for each casino when I play. They all offer different game conditions. Usually it is wonging. With insane pen I make adjustments so I don't get killed when my deck assessment weakness would cause my TCs to be way off and make that last half deck or so be played and bet very inaccurately. The casinos that I regularly frequent that had alleged been cheating I won with no adjustments. The point I made was when the Genius said I missed the boat on it was that he was the one that missed any boat if it actually existed.

    In almost every thread he derailed into this crap or started on it, I kept telling him if he thought this was going on STFU and learn how to beat the nonrandom shuffle. I said there are two possibilities. One is this isn't going on and his posts are hurting the AP community. The other is it is going on and he is posting a blueprint for other casinos to use to make counting ineffective. He didn't just make the allegations. He posted what deck compositions would give the casinos a huge advantage. Others also posted how to arrange cards to for the casinos to cheat in order to get a much larger advantage in the Spiderman thread. If this is actually happening that has to be the dumbest thing anyone can do. I said that repeatedly but the Genius kept researching what rigged shuffles would give the casinos the biggest advantage and posting what they were for every casino to read and drool over. How insanely stupid can you be? The way he handled it, both possibilities are very damaging to the AP community. All he had to do was say that he suspects they are rigging the shuffle. Any details are unnecessary and would be unadvisable for obvious reasons of not causing this to spread if it is true.
    Well, the casino cheating is hard to prove. You cannot record the sessions. Just depend on the experience to declare it is not the variance but the non-random shuffler. Anyway the casino I told Three has been sold to the new owner. They closed most tables to reconfigure the casino. After the casino reopened all tables this week, I came back to check the status. For my recent two visits, the shufflers all deal true random shoes. It is now Genius-certified BJ game. I guess the old owner gets away committing a perfect crime. I am also happy that I no longer need to drive long distance to play a fair Blackjack game any more.

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