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    Blackjack Risk Manager

    Does anybody know if Blackjack Risk Manager will work with Windows 10? I got a new computer and the IT folks couldn't get BJRM to transfer over. This is an old program that I bought in Dec 2004 for my Christmas present. I have a CD with it somewhere, but I'm not sure where I put it. No use looking for the CD, if it won't work.

    As a side note, I bought this program early in Dec 2004 from Pi-Yee Press(BJ21) but saved it until Christmas day to open it. When I opened it the CD was bad and it wouldn't work. I was pissed and sent an email to Al Rogers bitching about the CD. A couple hours later I get an email from Al with a link to download the program. Boy, I sure didn't expect Al to take time out of his Christmas holiday to look into this matter. How is that for customer service!

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    Posted then accidentally hit the delete post button, writing from my phone isn't the best...

    While I'm not familiar with the program, I'm pretty decent with computers. I'm not in IT/tech support, but I am a "professional" (well, they pay me :P ) software engineer with a IT sort of hobby...

    Most programs will work with Windows 10 in compatibility mode. I've only ever seen a few programs not work, due to some old DirectX incompatibility, and very rarely due to architecture changes. (Some really old stuff doesn't work, mainly if it's trying to do stuff with old bus architecture (serial or relys on some older processor stuff, but those machines won't run windows 10...)

    The biggest challenge will be the fact the program is most likely written for 32 bit, and I assume your windows 10 is 64 bit. But again, compatibility mode shouldn address that.

    If you do get a copy of the program, and can't get it working, I'd be happy to assist.

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    Did you manage to make it run? I have problems opening the card counting drills. Any help would be appreciated.

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